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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sliding Door Designs | Interior

While the hardware on this sliding door is no joke, the construction of the door isn't particularly complicated which is an inspiration for any contemporary home office. These doors are likely supported by the hangers which are attached to the front of the door. There may be a bottom guide secured to the floor to help keep the door in line.

When coming to most doors sold at hardware stores today, there is little more than utilitarian molded metal or plain wooden slabs; special-order models from factories offer better design and craftsmanship. But for doors with a timeworn patina or made from old-growth wood—much of which isn't logged anymore—visit an architectural salvage yard. There you'll find models to suit a range of personal tastes, house styles, and uses both practical and creative. A matched lot of six-panel interior doors rescued from a demolished 1860s house, for instance, would be period-appropriate replacements for the hollow-cores in a new Colonial Revival. And a 19th-century barn door with wrought-iron strap hinges could be repurposed as a rustic garden gate between stone pillars, for example. Now, Check out our Classic Flat Track sliding hardware! It can support doors without looking "heavy duty." It's our most popular kit.....

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