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Saturday, July 9, 2016

AutoArt Designs | Creativity

The traditional perception of automotive art - nerdish in its content, too documentary in style and lacking visual and emotional appeal - no longer survives scrutiny. British automotive art in particular is reinventing itself and the exciting result is a genre in which the car remains the inspiration behind a picture but isn't the artist's full focus; the "art process" has become as important, if not more so, than the subject matter. Images of motorsport still predominate and it is rare to see cars more modern than those from the Sixties. There's no mystery about that, Motor racing is a popular theme because it's exciting but modern cars, racing cars in particular, are simply not very attractive. There's no romance. The likes of Juan Manuel Fangio and Peter Collins raced in polo shirts and leather helmets; it was a more carefree, less technical era. And the cars themselves were works of art.My interest, however in automotive art was due to my long association with motorsport and a background as a technical illustrator and technically accurate works in oils, acrylics, gouache, pen & ink or pencil......

If you consult the dictionary, you will see that passion is described as “a strong and barely controllable emotion.”. If you ask me, passion represent that inner and crazy power you suddenly get and need to fight for that something that you believe in and you want to build. And you know passionate people, doesn’t matter the subject of their madness. As a draugthsman, one develops and dedicated his time to hobbies that some of may find crazy, but where one's resulted products are a work-of-art. I spent more than 5,000 hours into complex but tiny hobbies (you can call it addiction, I call it passion), but the way I think about art in which realization reveals that there is more to than meets the eye.....some people can easily transform cars, boats, scooters into a form of art? That’s because imagination has no limits or boundaries, not in space or time…

And some create a mixture between art and utility, ending with a perfect functional product. That’s also ART. I was born in a rural area and studied art like many others, but I had to “drift” really fast into the Abstract world of design. I started really soon to introduce also some different architectural and mechanical characters into my art. I enjoy the special and innovative art works, like this 3D version of the spare-parts diagram in an owner’s manual and this is indeed a strange and new form of art. No need to tell that I LOVE this form of art…It’s not a new subject for me or for most of you that there are some guys who can transform a simple and dull vehicle into real piece of art. They are called “the artists” because they see the same car or bike like we do, but in a different perspective – where we can see a line they see a beautiful composition, where we see plain, they highlight a pattern, and so on. In short, I am amazed when I discover other occasions to admire a product like these, a vehicle transformed in a simple piece of art.

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