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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Small Miners | Entrepreneur

I set my sights on researching small mining operated by local small miners. I first asked the question: What is a paying quantity of mined gems? Well, when coming to gold, most small miners were satisfied with a 0.25 gram of gold per 0.914 meter, others a full gram per meter. These operations can run 1.829 - 2.743 gross meters of material an hour. Another question was: What will it take to cover the cost of equipment, the time, maintenance, and bond? The operations normally cost about R144,789.00 on average to get going, including the backhoe, vibratory screener, highbanker, long tom, water tub, water tanks, reclamation bond, and other support items. 

In some operations the equipent is accumulated over time, some were home built and designed, other equipment were purchased just for the operation. To get started, I was advised to buy second hand equipment. To go with a new backhoe and screener would proberly cost R144,789.00. Get some gold first! Whether new or used equipment, someone has got to be the mechanic. I'm always reminded that the operation involve digging the hardest packed, heaviest material all the way down to bedrock. It takes a toll on the equipment. Welding, and a mechanical background are very helpful. Daily maintenance is a must! As a draughtsman with hands on experience as a mechanic, I too had to look at the equiment maintenance reports over to be sure something simple doesn't shut down the operation early. Time for Review.....The miners sample their claims, find out what the department of minerals and energy requires for small prospecting mining claim (Notices or Plan of Operation, etc.), checked out the assest register containing all equipment, and reclamation bond. For most small miners, it took several years to fine tune their equipment and modify them to work best in the material they were processing.

I noticed tha material management was the key, whether small miners were running a small operation, or moving hundreds of meters a day. I would recommend automating as much of the material handling process as possible, Plan equipment and material handling routes. Those working creek bed, tell me that the operation quickly reclaim themselves with a good rain. The material processes from the creek generally goes toward road improvement or other necessary uses because once it is put back in the creek it becomes "dredge/fill" material that is regulated. In upland washes and benches, some would mix the size of material when refill. When leaving the fine gravels for last, it will be the first to wash off when the water is raging down the hill, and most environmental issues involve the clarity of the water. When prospecting mainly dry creek beds. Things like clay and vegetation will be a determining factor on how much area the mining operation can run per hour without refreshing the water. Water wells or boreholes are another great commodity to have close by. First, make sure the gold is in the ground, then common sense and attention to detail will go a long way toward having a successful operation.....

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